Jury Games

A fire. A dead man. A guilty plea for arson, but not for murder. The truth must come out.

Under the Justice Act (2020), you have been summoned as a remote juror for a new kind of online trial. You and your fellow jurors must review the evidence, speak to the accused, and come to a conclusion. Is he guilty or not guilty? And is there more to this case than meets the eye?

How will you find the accused?

Experienced over Zoom with strangers or with friends in a private booking, Jury Duty is Exit Productions’ first online experience and the first show from Jury Games. Best played with a computer or laptop handy, during the show players will be teamed up with other jurors and challenged to unscramble the case. The experience is one hour and forty five minutes long.

Book your tickets here https://www.jurygames.com/tickets

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