Scavenger Hunts with a Twist!!!

BucketRace is back with a spooktacular special.

BucketRace is proud to bring London its first Halloween themed, public, competitive scavenger hunt with a twist. Tickets are £15 and can be purchased through Eventbrite, Design My Night, and the BucketRace website.

TICKETS – https://www.designmynight.com/london/whats-on/daytime/bucketrace-halloween-hunt

BucketRaces are scavenger races set in different locations around London. Teams compete against one another by completing tasks on the list (or ‘Bucket List’) provided. BucketRace’s goal is for people to get off the beaten track and discover new places, hangouts, and hidden gems; all while competing in a fun and friendly environment.

Task examples include: spook a ghost, shake hands with a skeleton, mummify a teammate. There are also extra bonus points for the team in the best fancy dress!

Quotes from previous BucketRacers:

“Had so much fun, the tasks are hilarious and take you on an unusual and fab little tour of London. Highly recommend!!”

“Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it from start for finish. Very well organised and prepared. Knowledge of routes and areas also impressive. Would recommend to others and will be returning to action again.”

“The Bucketrace is a brilliant concept, very well thought-out. We had loads of fun running around our chosen area trying to locate as many items on the list. I would highly recommend it for a fun afternoon with friends.”

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