Treat yourself to some Little Rick Drinks!

Its time to try something different! Our friends from Little Rick offers a selection of fruity, CBD-infused, low-calorie, and refreshing drinks and treats which have been designed to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, ease pain, and support overall health.

All Little Rick products are eco-friendly, plant-based and are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Co-founders Charlotte Nielsen and Norman Kremer aim to change the way CBD is perceived and consumed through the range of Little Rick’s refreshing cannabinoid-infused sparkling drinks and chocolate-covered fruit treats.

Little Ricks laid back CBD-infused sparkling drinks are now available in five flavours (Pina, Raspberry Coconut, Raspberry Lemonade and Mint & Lime) as well as seasonal, limited-edition flavours that are available until stock lasts (Cola flavour available 24th July).

To purchase the drinks for yourself click this link here –

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