ABQ London

ABQ is the world’s first immersive molecular cocktail bar where you get to make and infuse your own drinks in an RV (Motorhome) on some chilled and deep house (weekdays) and hip-hop/street (weekends) tunes

Book tickets here – https://abqlondon.com/abq-london

Work with molecular techniques to cook your cocktails and then…ermmm drink em! 

Acids, hazmats, alcohol, load of fun, amazing music and other stuff provided. 

Non alcoholic options available too.

Come as early as you want and leave whenever you fancy as we now have a many different spaces in the venue

Drop-in welcome too but we encourage to book as it gets busy. 

The venue has 5 main spaces:

The RV, The RV Extension (For the experience)

A drop-in bar area, terrace and Saint Pizzeria

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