Review: Junction 2

Junction 2 – London’s answer to an open-air techno fuelled festival.  Boston Manor Park opened its gates for not 1 but 2 days this year, widening its opportunity to put out a vast display of artists across the weekend.

If you haven’t experience the surreal and natural surroundings of Junction 2 then you are missing out… their iconic habitat compromises wooden pathways and hidden enclaves with striking industrial features – truly signature to Junction 2.

We were thrilled when we got through the gates rapidly, with super friendly security all ensuring our safety was their main concern. From afar we could hear the bass booming from all of the big named stages that were on offer and once we were through it was such a hard decision to choose from. 

TINI was a must, so we headed to The Stretch Tent – Hosted by Sonus in Association with DJ Mag, where we were pleasantly surprised by the good vibes and eclectic atmosphere created by the DJ and the warming crowd. Smiles all round as we partied together wondering what adventure we were going onto next!

One thing that stood out straight was that Junction 2 do not offer a ‘VIP’ experience meaning that everyone was one collective and we could all enjoy the same experience together.

We really lost our minds when we saw Adam Beyer at The Bridge – Hosted by Drumcode. Everyone had the same idea as the masses of the crowds all headed down to catch his set. The Bridge stage is something we believe makes Junction 2 iconic, there’s no other festival that has the M4 fly over the top of you whilst being surrounded by water and trees.

The Woods – Hosted by VBX by day was an exciting way to party with a new surrounding were not used to… and by night it illuminated into somewhat an enchanted forest filled with colour and amazing vibes.

On departure of the festival, there was a flood of security providing help and assistance ensuring everyone were directed towards their appropriate destination. This creates the whole festival experience relaxed and stress free as everything came at ease.

After the festival was over for us ravers, Junction 2 opened its gates on the Sunday to local residents putting on a special fun day! Local residents of all kinds ranging from the elderly to children and families were invited down to enjoy a fun packed day full of activities. Children got to enjoy playing and feeding animals, getting messy with some painting & and relaxing all together whilst watching The Jungle Book on the main stage! It was their way of saying thank you to the locals and we think this is a heart-warming idea and one step forward for the raving community.

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