Flat Butcher is located beneath Little Nan’s Fitzrovia Kitchen and Bar on Warren Street.


11.30am – 1.30pm – £40pp

2.30pm – 4.30pm – £50pp

Each Guest gets a Free Pair of Pat Butcher Earrings

Ever wondered where Pat Butcher went when she left Albert Square for months on end in the 90s? Fitzrovia of course! She bought this little central London pad back in the 90’s off close friend and supposed ex-client Mike Baldwin, when he realised he would stay up-north in Wetherfield. Much of the interior has remained the same as to when Mike originally decorated it in the 70s, and over the years Pat put her special touch of class on turning it into her own. On her death in 2012 Pat gifted this central London Leopard print Oasis to the Little Nan’s Family, and now Grandson Tristan has decided that everyone needs to experience the joys. 

Slight renovations to transform the flat from Home to Party Pad has resulted in Flat Butcher becoming the perfect place for your Boozy Brunches, housing up to 60 guests.

On the Menu:

Aunt Babe and Ian Beale have worked alongside our amazing Chefs and have created the perfect Flat Butcher Boozy Brunch Buffet Menu displayed on Three Tier vintage cake stands on the dining room table. Featuring mainly on finger foods which you can mingle with in-between drinks, dancing and dressing up! Love Joys Beef Meat Balls stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a basil and tomato sauce, along with Frank Butchers Pigs in Blankets Sarnie is a must! 

Fill your stomachs up, as you will need it for the Bottomless Booze Featuring: 

– Bottomless Teapots of Bucks Fizz

– Do It Yourself Bloody Mary Mini Bar 

– Queen Pat Butcher Cocktail – Spiced Rum, Grenadine, fresh Lemon juice, bitter lemon

– Princess Bet Lynch Cocktail – Gin, Elderflower, Lime juice, Tonic 

– First Lady Windsor – White Rum, Vodka, Coconut Rum, Grenadine, lime, pineapple juice, orange juice, cranberry

– Duchess Kate Teapot Cocktail – Vodka, Licor 43, Spiced Rum, Lime juice, Cranberry

– PLUS Pat Butchers kitchen fridge will be filled up with Bottles of Prosecco and Beer for you all!

There ain’t no party without room to dance! Round Flat Butcher we have moved most of the furniture upstairs into Little Nan’s, which means there is room for you all to dance. Living room dancing is the Best! If you do require a chair, then do let us know!

Did you read ‘Dressing Up’? Yes you did! Pat Butcher often had her famous friends including Bet Lynch, Kat Slater, Eddie Monsoon and Mel B come round to stay, and they always got so merry, that they would leave garments behind. Flat Butcher spoils you with the best lost property rail full of famous guests clothes. Pat was very partial to gentleman company, and they used to leave garments behind as souvenirs. Garments supposedly from Frank Butcher, DCI Burnside, Brian Harvey and Prince Harry can be found in beside table draws. 

Make sure your phones are charged up, as you will be taking lots of photos!


Let us know if you are booking in for a celebration and Little Nan will name a Cocktail in your honour featuring all your favourite Spirits and Flavours, served in a Vintage Vas

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