We Present Todd Terry and Midnight Riot

When we stared We Present, we had no idea how much fun we would have and what an incredible crowd we would find.

After playing with many of our favourites, Graeme Park, Danny Rampling, Jeremy Healy, Alistair Whitehead and Brandon Block, it gets tough to decide who else we can get.

The key to We Present is its not a reunion night, its not all classic house, but a great blend of new edits, tracks and music from across the genres. The key is we can’t sit still, we want to push things forward.

Our December guest is one of the legendary House Music producers and DJ who is enjoying a massive surge in popularity, due to his incredible sets at Glitterbox and on the global festival scene.

All the way from NYC the incredible Todd Terry.


We will be hosting another room in The 2Funky Lounge, which will focus on the surging popularity of NU Disco and hosting that room will be one of the Hottest Labels in the World at the moment – Midnight Riot

AND of course lastly

Ojay and Flynny will be filling in the gaps to make this one of the best nights ever.

Love you all

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