Review: Cuttin’ Headz Review

Tobacco Dock – An East London iconic venue. After their immense performance at Old Fountain Studios, Cuttin’ Headz were back with a BANG! The Martinez Brothers’ familiar label took over the infamous Great Gallery and were joined by Locodice for a very special b2b. Their extended set begun at 18:30 and took us on a musical journey right through ‘till close… A musical journey that we might never experience again.


Joining them was none over than Guti, who played a phenomenal set preparing us for the headline act, and LWE resident William DJOKO warming up the Great Gallery dropping an all time classic ‘Show Me Love’. You couldn’t bottle up the lovingly atmosphere as everyone recited the words together and was living in the moment.


The Car Park saw FUSE London takeover the notorious space, with their 10th year anniversary fast approaching, what a way it was to celebrate by showcasing a star stellar line up DJ’s playing exactly what everybody would expect from FUSE London. Peak time in the Car Park saw Enzo Siragusa b2b Archie Hamilton lay 2 hours of nothing but grooves on the dancefloor.


Lastly, the Gallery – hosted by none other than DJ Mag – saw some of the biggest name in the industry with the likes of Nastia, Tiga and Lauren Lo Sung. From our experience and word of mouth this seemed to be the stage that everyone was raging about, with such popular line up DJ’s there is no doubt why the room was bouncing from open ‘till close.


LWE have smashed it again by creating an amazing atmosphere amongst the ravers and delivered an unbeatable line up. Across the venue we got a taste of many different underground sounds, so we was guaranteed to find one to our desire.

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