Moonshine Saloon – London

Bring your own liquor to Moonshine Saloon…just keep an eye out for the Sheriff! Once inside, chance your luck at card and dice games, exchange tales of the West and enjoy personalised cocktails made by an expert mixologist.

London’s First Wild West Cocktail Bar Launches for the Summer
From the team behind the sell-out BYOB bar concept, Alcotraz, comes Moonshine Saloon, a one-of- a-kind immersive cocktail bar experience which transports guests from the streets of West London to the streets of the Wild West. Moonshine Saloon is now open for bookings for a limited 4 month run.
Located on the King’s Road, Moonshine Saloon is the centre of an undercover moonshine empire, a mysterious underworld where everyone looks out for themselves and nothing is quite as it seems. Inspired by the captivating tales of the Wild West and its covert operations, Moonshine Saloon invites guests to bring their own liquor to be granted entry to the undercover saloon and into the world of moonshining.

Upon entering, apprentice moonshiners encounter a street that looks like it’s been plucked straight from the dusty towns of the Wild West. First stop is the local tailor, who will measure guests up for Stetson Hats and Cowboy gear, ensuring they don’t attract attention in the West for the wrong reasons.
Once they look the part, The King of The Moonshiners grant guests exclusive access into the shadiest spirit making business in town. Upon being taken downstairs to the Saloon, they can try their luck at card and dice games, exchange tales of life in the West and enjoy personalised moonshine cocktails, all while evading the beady eye of the local Sheriff. Those who manage to escape the Law as a Moonshiner in the Saloon are invited to stop for a refreshment in the General Store before leaving the Wild West!

Moonshine Saloon’s leading mixologist Christophe Phelut and his team use any smuggled liquor to whisk up delicious bespoke cocktails. Bitters, syrups, liqueurs and garnishes are added to guest’s base spirit to create both playful and classic cocktail combinations. Cocktails served include twists on classics, such as the Mulata Chocolate Daiquiri alongside experimental delights such as the Rosemary & Tangerine Cooler. Guests will also be granted access to the illicit Moonshine distillery and while they explore the covert bootlegging operation they will be able to sample the latest batch of Moonshine if they dare.
The unique concept, created by Inventive Productions, aims to build on the successful path that Alcotraz paved by offering drinks crafted by highly experimental mixologists, all without rules and menus to follow.
Founder, Sam Shearman says of the new project:

“With Alcotraz we created London’s first immersive cocktail bar, which placed guests at the centre of the action and allowed for theatre to take place around them whilst delicious cocktails were enjoyed. Moonshine Saloon will take this to a completely new scale, creating a new world as opposed to simply a new bar!”
The Saloon doors have swung open for the summer and for a limited time only guests will be able to stow away their weapons and join the King of the Moonshiners!

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