Review : AMP Lost & Found Festival Malta, 3rd – 6th May 2018

A perfect kickstart to the festival season 

It’s here, finally! Festival season has begun after months of cold, rain and Storm Emma leaving us knee deep in snow. Our season began in Malta, as Annie Mac presented her 4th edition of Lost & Found. The 4 day event has continued to build on it’s previous instalments, with the addition of pool parties, castle raves and most recently a brand new beach party to cater to thousands of budding ravers.

The Maltese islands have become one of the many sought after overseas festival hotspots in recent years, with various events and pop-up festivals opting to use the historic landmarks available. After visiting the country for L&F, we can see just why brands and ravers are flooding here every year.

Opening Party 

Kicking off the festival saw Malta’s National Aquarium terrace transformed into a rave venue, anticipating the arrival of many eager ravers, ready and raring for a 4 day party. The large open plan terrace is an ideal venue space, acting as a blank canvas with a seafront setting; perfect for an opening party. Across the venue found two large areas for toilet facilities, as well as two sizeable bars either side of the terrace. VIP ticket holders were also granted access to an indoor area of the Aquarium, containing a separate bar, toilets and seating area. The unfortunate high winds made the initial show slightly cooler than expected, but no weather was going to stop the party.

Drink prices

The payment system at Lost & Found was via a top-up wristband. Drink prices mirrored that of a standard UK festival, with water costing €3 and a beer/cider at €5.50. A single spirit and mixer would set you back €6 and a double €8.50.

Throughout the many venues staff were friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. Knowledgable of the sites and surrounding areas, happy to answer questions and keeping people informed of the remaining balance on their wristbands. 
Largely dominated by the UK and Maltese locals, with variety of ages and backgrounds but all sharing the same passion for music. A happy and positive crowd, with no trouble throughout the event.

Production & Sound
The Aquarium terrace was kitted out with lighting and a festival grade soundsystem. Two large square rigs formed an industrial structure which held various rotating beams, along with rows of flashing bulb lights overarching the structure. The stage featured a medium sized LED frontdrop and further lighting in the form of strobes, lamps and par lights shooting funky colours into the crowd. Despite being on a large terrace battling 30mph winds, the high sound quality kept viewers immersed throughout. Line arrays either side of the stage provided thumping bass, which reached the length and width of the venue. Topping off the night was a firework display which added that extra little wow factor to the opening show!

DJ Sets :

Annie Mac
Setting the pace for the night saw the main woman herself; Annie Mac behind the decks, alongside Josey Rebelle and Denis Sulta. An unfortunate cancellation from The Martinez Brothers meant an extended set from the host, who has more than enough tracks in her locker to get the party started. Picking up the tempo from Josey Rebelle’s deeper hitting set saw Annie spinning an eclectic selection of tracks, to get the festival started on a high. “Deep Dip” by Detlef certainly got the mood flowing, with it’s thumping drop bursting out of the line arrays. Further into the extended set saw Waze & Odyssey’s wacky new number “To The Beat”, which has been a frequent weapon of choice in Annie’s Radio 1 shows. Towards the end of her performance saw the introduction of fireworks shooting into the sky, creating a spectacular scene to open the festival.


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