Axwell & Ingrosso Tease Swedish House Mafia New York Show in 2019

Swedish House Mafia made a mighty return to the limelight in March 2018 at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, closing out the festival’s main stage and leaving fans hopeful that the super-group had more to come.

On Sunday night (May 27), Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso played to a sold out crowd in New York at The Brooklyn Mirage and playfully teased fans with some major news mid-gig.

“Should we cancel the Swedish House Mafia gig we’re planning next year? Because I’m not sure they’re ready for Swedish House Mafia in 2019 in New York,” Axwell said on the mic. The crowd roared in excitement.

The duo went on to play SHM’s hit ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ as one of the set’s closing tracks while a banner with the trio’s name on it appeared on screen.

Of course, the Swedish House Mafia reformation rumour mill has been up and running for months now. After months of speculation , hints and teasers, the trio reunited at Ultra Music Festival in Miami back in March, claiming, “we’re Swedish House Mafia for good this time”.

Since, the rumours have continued as Axtone Records teased new material from the trio and their social media profile was cleared, suggesting an imminent tour.

With Axwell’s statement the other night though, the rumours do seem to have some truth to them with the possibility of a tour seeming all but confirmed.

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